PAY-AS-YOU-GO Wireless and Calling Cards


Pre-Paid Debit

  • Approximately 130 million people in the US do not qualify for credit cards. Now you can sell them one!!!
  • Works & looks exactly like a regular credit card
  • Use it at ATM’s, pay-at-the-pump, groceries, on the web or phone, internationally and more
  • Sell the card & earn profits, plus reload fees!!!
  • Loads amounts of $100 – $1,000

Pre-Paid Long Distance


Custom Loyalty Card Program

  • Build your own customer loyalty program!!
  • Cards designed with your company’s graphics
  • Tri-Level Merchandise Categories
  • Build Repeat Traffic in your locations

Custom Gift Card Program

  • Activate and debit cards over our POSA equipment
  • Reports are available showing current liability on the program.
  • Web reports show card balances, liability, Abandonment and all credits/debits.
  • Customer chooses to activate the gift card for dollar amount desired.
  • Minimum of 5,000 custom cards per order